071218 FTIsland Cheerful Sensibility Live in Bangkok 2007

FTIsland Cheerful Sensibility Live in Bangkok 2007
FTIsland Thailand Showcase 2007 - Mini Concert
Tuesday 18 December 2007 (19:30 TST)
Park Paragon - Bangkok, Thailand
(Free Concert)

The 5-member boy band, F.T Island, recently held their first concert in Thailand on the 17th - 19th.

F.T Island's agency, F&C Music said that they were met with about 3,000 fans at the airport the day they arrived. They held a press conference informing people about the concert, 5,000 more fans showed up causing a frenzy. The showcase started the following day at 7 p.m., with fans from Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and many more, who swarmed the seats; an estimated 15,000 fans showed up. F.T Island sang 8 of their songs, two of which were their two hit singles 'Heartache/사랑앓이' and 'Until You Come/너 올 때까지'.

Continuing on from this successful showcase in Thailand, F.T Island is going to be having another concert in Japan on the 22nd and 23rd of this month.

Credit : allkpop.com
Source : asianfanatics.net

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