070527 FTIsland First Official Showcase

FTIsland First Official Showcase
27 May 2007
Melon-Ax Hall - Seoul, Korea
Newcomer band, FT Island held their first showcase where many fans turned up and made it a happening event.
Last 27th May, at Melon-Ax Hall, Seoul, where the showcase was held, about 1,500 fans, mostly girl turned up. This number of fans is a promising amount for a great future.
However, as their performance starts heating up, few people fainted because of the crowded situation made the ambulance rushed in.
According to one of the staff, "Long time ago, when DBSK held their performance, same thing happen, but FT Island fans are more enthusiastic" said him.
This group, FT Island started several years ago as a rock band with its 5 members. Recently, through cable channel MTV, <Dokun, Dokun Yochinmandulki> Thump, Thump Be My Girlfriend, their increasing popularity made their debut 10 days advance from their actual plan and be a star.
(Credite : YTN Star, Yahoo Korea, deeyan@loveft-i, herolyn@kpopkingdom)


(Photos credit : FTIsland Thread @ Soompi)