071217 FTIsland Cheerful Sensibility Live in Bangkok 2007 Press Conference

FTIsland Cheerful Sensibility Live in Bangkok 2007
Press Conference & Fan Meeting
Monday 18 December 2007
Siam Paragon - Bangkok, Thailand

FTIsland 5 boy band members from Korea has come to live for the first time in Thailand at "F.T Island Cheerful Sensibility Live in Bangkok 2007" Tuesday 18 December 2007 (7.30 PM) at the Park Paragon Bangkok, Thailand. The concert is in order to celebrate His Majesty King Bhumibol's 80th Royal Birthday Anniversary to come up this year, together with the celebration of Siam Paragon's 2nd Anniversary!

FTIslkand is a rookie boy band who is very famous right now in Korea. The band consists of 5 member which are; Choi Jonghoon, Lee Hongki, Oh Wonbin, Choi Minhwan and Lee Jaejin. 


Q : What is the meaning of F.T Island?
F.T Island : It means the treasure on the island and we would like to be the precious treasure for everyone.

Q : How did you gather together?
F.T Island : It was done through the audition one by one under the project of F.T Island.

Q : How long did it take to create this album?
F.T Island : The process of song selection took about 3-4 months but this doesn't include the audition time.

Q : Which song do you personally like the most in this album?
Lee Hongki : I like 'Only One Person' the lyrics is too sad, I like it.
Choi Jonghoon : 'It's Love' This song is like me, strong but gentle and cheerful.
Oh Wonbin : I like 'Meeting' The song is really sad I can get the feeling when I listen to it.
Choi Minhwan : I personally like 'Primadonna' because it is our fanclub's name.
Lee Jaejin : I like 'Love Sick' It's is our debut song.

Q : Not so long you have arrived here, do you have any impression in Thailand?
Lee Hongki : Although this is the first visit to Thailand but there is a lot of people welcome us. I am very impressed. Thailand is beautiful.

Q : Have you tried Thai food yet?
F.T Island : Nope, not yet because once we arrived we just came here to meet our fans first.
DJ You : if you have chance, do try 'Tom Yam Goong'!

Q : How is Thai people?
F.T Island : Everyone is lovely, good looking, friendly and very generous.

Q : The first concert in Thailand, do you have any surprises for the fans?
F.T Island : Tomorrow there will be a live concert, a real live concert! No backing track at all! 7PM.

Q : Anything would you like to say to Thai fans?
F.T Island : Thank you very much for welcoming us today. Hope tomorrow, there will be a lot more people to come. We will return you with our live performance, not just 1-2 songs but of course more than 5! and 'We love you all'

(Source : pingbook.com)

ON NOVEMBER 29, 2007