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Tickets for F.T Island's first concert in Japan have sold out in a day. The group embarked on a nationwide tour on the 15th starting with a show in Daegu and extended it into Japan. The show is slated for December 22 and 23 at Shinagawa Prince's Stella Ball. Tickets went on sale on the 18th and sold out in just a day. F.T Island reps are extra delighted by the swift sales, especially considering the group hasn't begun any official PR work there. They say they are grateful for their enthusiastic Japanese fans.

Source: rukorean.com
Credit: SillyYun From FTIsland Tread at Sommpi

FT Island’s 1st solo concert in Japan

2,000 fans attended FT Island’s first solo concert in Japan entitled
“FT ISLAND 1st Live in Tokyo 2007 ~Cheerful Sensibility~” on December 22 at 6 pm at the Shinagawa Stella Ball in Tokyo. This was actually the group’s 2nd time to perform in Japan for in August of this year, FT Island already participated in the “J:COM Mnet Mcountdown in Japan.”

During the concert, aside from performing its own songs, FT Island also sang ORANGE RANGE’s “Flower” and Zard’s “Don’t Give Up.”

On the 23rd, a fan meeting will be held by FT Island in the same venue with its fan club “Primadonna Japan.” Moreover, to those who were not able to see the group live and those who want to relive the event, the concert will be broadcast on February 9 via SkyPerfectTV!’s Mnet.

Sources: Chosun Ilbo + Chosun Online
From : http://krnloop.wordpress.com/2007/12/23/ft-islands-1st-solo-concert-in-japan/