080330 FTIsland 1st Live in Malaysia 2008

Sunday 30 March 2008
Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ZAZU (wrap party)


6.00pm – Registration
6.30pm – Gates open
7.30pm – Showtime
10.00pm – Wrap party
12.00am - END

080331 FT Island's departure in KLIA
(30 March night 1.00 am)

"Cancellation of FT Island concert in Malaysia."

Fans in yellow (FT Island’s official colour) hanging around the entrance
to the concert venue
It is 6.30pm on Sunday (March 30) and the atmosphere outside Sunway Lagoon’s Elephant Walk Entrance is somber.
Many fans are shocked and in disbelief that the FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert has been cancelled.
The concert ushers report for duty but discover that the show has been cancelled
Some fans got wind of the cancellation at around 4pm, just three and a half hours before the curtain rises!
Fans are still hanging around the entrance to the concert venue, praying that the situation will change. They are hoping that the F.T. Island boys will miraculously show-up.

“We are here because we are hoping things will change. Maybe they could just appear and lip sync or something…anything,” says Nur Aliyah who is here with 5 of her friends namely Amelia, Aqilah, Farah, Nur Aliyah (yes, they share the same name) and Mimi.
Aliyah (the 1st one) adds: “We only ever get to see them on the Internet and this was our chance to see them in the flesh! We are very disappointed.

“We are Malaysians, we live here…can you imagine how the fans from other countries must feel? They come all the way from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia….We want to know why this happened?”
However, the girls strongly believe that FT Island is not at fault. Word on the grapevine is that the FT Island management and local organisers C.I. Entertainment had a fallout and the boys’ management is preventing them from performing.
Korean Press reporter talks to the fans
It is said that the management is extremely dissatisfied with the arrangements made by the local organisers. They are unhappy with the hotel (Grand Millenium) and venues of the events (Izzi Restaurant for the PC, and Party House for the Global Fan Meet/ Birthday Party).
Amelia says, “We are understanding fans. We don’t want to mogok (protest) or anything like that. Also, we don’t want FT Island to be blamed for this. We know it is not their fault.”

Unofficial story

The only C.I. Entertainment rep at the concert venue refuses to comment on the situation. However, the person divulges that the FT Island boys are still in Malaysia, but the concert is cancelled. The person politely asks K-popped! to wait for the official press release.

Strictly hearsay, fans inform K-popped! that C.I. Entertainment had pleaded with FT Island’s management from 8am to 2.30pm today (March 30) to continue with the concert.

When the Korean management still refused to give in to their plea, the local organisers attempted to dupe the manager to appear at the concert venue to explain things to the fans.

They lied that they were taking the person to the airport, but the manager discovered their ruse and jumped out of the car.

Again, we stress that this is hearsay. Neither C.I Entertainment nor the Korean management has commented on the situation.

Fans from Thailand were even here! The FT Island boys will be
performing in Thailand soon. The shirt says it all

From across the border
An FT Island fan from Singapore, who wants to remain anonymous, says she is extremely disappointed. She only discovered about the concert cancellation when she arrived at the venue.
“We would like to know the reason behind it. They (FT Island) are already here and the concert venue has been set up. Why cancel? After all, they are only here for one concert.”
The Singaporean fan is part of the group that bought the fan package, which includes the Global Fan Meet/ Birthday Party with the FT Island boys yesterday (March 29). She informs K-popped! that yesterday’s event was almost cancelled as well.
“The Global Fan Meet was almost cancelled. We waited for about 6 hours before FT Island turned up. They finally managed to persuade the boys to show up at the last minute. This delayed the fan meeting and autograph session later in the afternoon.”

K-popped! is saddened by how things turned out, especially for the fans who have been anticipating the concert. Below is a video of the fans calling for the concert to go on.
Source : k-popped.com

Dear all fans and related parties kindly read this post to clear this misunderstanding once and for all


All these dirty tricks to defame FT.Island will not work on us. What’s stated here is the truth, up to the fans whether to believe us or not.

C.I. Entertainment, as you all know, are the organisers in charge of FT.Island's concert in Malaysia and their various activities. Throughout the days FT.Island were in KL, C.I. Entertainment failed to treat the boys with respect.

The venue for press conference was the top floor of a restaurant with air-con spoilt.

The venue for fanmeeting was a rundown warehouse-looking place which smelt of goat meat and dirty river water, and there was garbage bags at the back. F&C, FT.Island's management, initially refused FT.Island's appearance at the fanmeeting because of certain conflicts, which is obviously a problem with C.I. Entertainment.

C.I. Entertainment did not, in any way, help to fight for the fans for FT.Island to appear in the fanmeet when all these fans had paid (International = USD250, Local = RM300) for it. They wanted to cancel it completely. It was only after fans negotiated and made C.I. Entertainment get the boys to come, that FT.Island appeared.

The fansigning session afterwards was equally screwed up.
The fans waiting there were not informed of FT.Island's delay. The stage was set up late. The stage was located far away from the place that FT.Island was to wait for their vehicle, and they had to walk a long distance and got mobbed by fans. Furthermore, fans who did not purchase the Fan Package could only get 1 signature - which was unexpected.

The next day - concert. It was cancelled without further notice. The stage was not fit for performance. 

Those who have entered the venue should have known. It was such a lousy cheap set-up. Where did all the fans' money go to? What's more, the goodie bag was full of nonsense - expired magazines, Nike vouchers and fake FT.Isand pentastick. What?!

FT.Island left Malaysia the same day. It was said that F&C paid out of their own pockets for their artistes' flight and etc.

C.I. Entertainment did not pay for any services including the travel agency in charge of International Fan Package buyers' hotel rooms. F&C was also allegedly not paid fully for FT.Island to go to Malaysia.
C.I. Entertainment only paid around RM5000 for the concert venue.

Refunds were supposed to take place last week. They postponed it to the following week - let's see what happens. Will they have ran away by then?

Emails from international fans were not given any response. In fact, fan communities were not informed of the postpone - only 1 Korean news blogsite knew of the postpone.

During and after this whole thing, fans posted on various blogs and forums on their displeasure.
C.I. Entertainment made use of forums at that. They created new identities in a certain forum in the FT.Island thread and pretended to be fans, spreading rumours. There were rumours of Minhwan requesting for a 30K drum set, and Honggi giving out fans' presents.

All those rumours came from new users with little or less than 10 amount of posts. Suspicious? Very.
And among those newbies, most of them sided C.I. Entertainment, saying that they were not the ones in the wrong. Hmm, of course, because they belong to C.I. Entertainment.

To those who do not know, C.I. Entertainment are actually fans themselves. They are not professional in this line. And they actually came from another events company, till they decided to betray their company and set up a new one. And see what they have come out with? A whole load of mess.

If you have seen a youtube video on the Cancellation of the Concert, you should have seen the recording of C.I. Entertainment staff talking to some fans, saying things like they tricked FT.Island's manager into coming to the concert venue and that they cannot call FT.Island's management because their phone has died for 3 days.

Complete crap. And what kind of decent organisation are you to actually trick the other party?

Later C.I. Entertainment dismissed this as a rumour, when recording of the whole conversation has already been done and posted up. Yeah rumour, it came out from their own mouths.
Watch the video here:

This new rumour - with the messed-up room. Isn't it weird that all the presents are thrown around and only 1 room has been taken photos of?

It's very likely that C.I. Entertainment threw in all the presents and all over the hotel room to create a mess and made it seem like the FT.Island boys did it. Who will be so stupid to throw presents on a bed?

And don't you think the presents were too neatly thrown?

The gifts were not strewn not everywhere - but were only spread messily at certain areas, showing that whoever did it deliberately wanted to create a chaotic impression.

You know what? It is highly possible that FT.Island did not see these presents at all because C.I. Entertainment did not pass the boxes to them. For those who went to the fansign and waited even till it ended, you should know that the boxes were actually kept at the stage even until 7pm or later that night. Nobody from C.I. Entertainment came to bring the boxes away. Even if they did, it may be that they did not even pass the boxes to FT.Island or their management.

They must have been waiting for this chance to kill FT.Island's image and shun away their fans. Sorry, it won't work.

C.I. Entertainment is still the big loser and the one at fault for the whole mess, and instead of doing stupid things like this, please concentrate on settling everyone's refund. Thank you very much.'
And we really don't know what has FT.Island done to them to make them do this to the innocent boys. This is so terribly dirty.